Saturday, December 20, 2008

Demand In DC at the Black Cat on Inauguration Day!

I am SO EXCITED to be selected to display some of my photos at DEMAND IN DC at the The Black Cat on inauguration day (January 20th)! I’m not only thrilled to be participating in something great on such an historic day, but also super excited to be getting involved in the DC art scene so quickly. These are some of the photos that will be on display.

As stated in the press release: “"DEMAND IN DC" is a celebration of people's desire, will, and actions evoking change in our lives and the direction of the world. As the rest of the country recognizes the inauguration of America's new President... Artists, Photographers, Filmmakers, and Musicians converge on our Nation's capitol to recognize and empower the REAL agents of change: the People.”

Bands performing at this event include Anti-Flag, United Nations, The AKAs, and Ruiner.

Tickets are $10, on sale now, and available HERE.

Stillhouse Promos Shoot


This Stillhouse shoot will go down in history as one of my favorite promo shoots ever. We met up at Wilcom’s Inn, a very small bar in the middle of nowhere that opens at 6am and was at one time the bar attached 75 and 80 Drag-A-Way. The Drag-A-Way used to be quite the happening place where many people we all knew used to race cars years ago, but is now overgrown with weeds.

We had at least 4 beers each and I was shooting the whole time. A woman named “Sweetie” who had been there and drinking since 6:30am with her Chihuahua kept us highly entertained with her dirty jokes. It all started when one of the guys jokingly said “Be sure to get my good side!” and she yelled “Bend over, honey!’

We snuck into the old drag race and snapped some shots then, of course, headed back to the bar to “warm up.” After a few more beers I was shooting the guys at the table and Sweetie jumped up and flashed her goods for a shot. It was amazing. In order to keep this blog PG-13 I regretfully can’t post that one, but it is posted on the band’s MySpace.

We then headed over to the rehearsal spot where Clutch’s old touring RV is permanently parked. (Clutch is a ridiculously amazing band, in case you were not aware) The guys played and I snapped some shots. It started snowing while we were at the Drag-A-Way earlier and we were quickly freezing our butts off, so rehearsal didn’t last long. I had the honor of being the first girl in the place and had a great day drinking with friends and taking photos.

Be sure to check out Stillhouse. They're all very talented musicians. The line-up includes old members of Nothingface and 60 Watt Shaman. They play in Baltimore often at places such as Ram’s Head Live. I can’t wait to see them live – outside of the rehearsal spot.

Dan Webley as Elvis at Music Cafe


I am going to be shooting at the Music Cafe in Damascus fairly often - and I’m thrilled about it! They are going to be blowing up my photos of their popular acts to decorate the stage area walls.

The first of my live shoots at the café was the very popular local favorite - Dan Webley as Elvis. This guy is great. He does young Elvis for the first set then changes into older Elvis for the second half.

One thing Elvis does that’s so cute is he hands out scarves to all of the kids. The kids love it and go up for autographs after the show. He can be hired for parties/events. I'm trying to find some contact info for him and will post here when I find something.

Fishbone at Recher Theatre, Baltimore


I was fortunate that Fishbone went out on tour right after I moved back to MD and I got to hang out at their Dec 3rd show at Recher Theatre in Towson.

I got there a bit early, so I went to the Rec Room and ordered a vodka soda. The drink was $2.25. Yes… TWO DOLLARS! I’m so used to paying $7 on average in LA for a drink that I tipped the bartender 50% and swore I was moving there.

Shortly after I finished my huge $2 drink we were whisked off by Joe Keyes, a long-time friend of the band, to his house outside of the city for a home-cooked meal which included a lot of veggie options, making me super happy. The guys were in NYC for Thanksgiving and hadn't had the tradition dinner until then. The guy pictured in the kitchen, Joe’s roommate, cooked the meal. I had never had pickled watermelon rinds before… shockingly delicious. Angelo recorded some vocals in the basement studio for one of Joe’s projects then we all rushed back to the theatre.

I missed the support bands, but heard from the band that they”re very good. Fishbone, as usual, was amazing. They are such an entertaining band, such talented musicians, and sweet, fun guys. And who can help but be a bit star struck around the amazing Rocky George (who has playing guitar with Fishbone for a few years now)?! Suicidal Tendencies is one of my absolute favorite bands of all times.

Civet with Aiden at Sonar & Liza and Danni's Tattoo Work


I was thrilled to find out that my friends, Civet, were playing at Sonar in Baltimore right after I got back to Maryland. They’re out on a couple week tour with Aiden and God or Julie.

The ladies, as always, kicked ass. It was great to see them so soon. If you missed them this time, be sure to catch their next US tour in early 2009 with Dropkick Murphys and H2O. That will be a show to surely not miss!

The ladies got tour tattoos. Then Liza and Danni got to try their hand at GIVING tattoos to some of the guys at HandMade Tattoo Parlor in Manassas, VA. They are pictured with their work above.

And what's an East coast show without a fight?! We saw one. I'm home!

Half Shell Band Promo Shoot


I’ve been back in town for only about 2 weeks and did a promo shoot for the local Half Shell Band. The band members are talented and fun people. I had a great time with them and I'm SO glad to be doing photography here already.

One of the owners of the Music Cafe in Damascus, MD is the drummer of the band. This café is seriously the coolest place in this small, dry town. The amazing food, great atmosphere, fun entertainment, and wireless internet has been a real life saver for me.

Half Shell band plays often around the area. They also play the cafe. Check them out!

(A “dry town" with no alcohol (not even beer and wine) can be sold in stores nor served at any dining establishments. Yeah… really… it’s nearly 2009 and this is STILL happening. Can you believe it?!)

Civet Sponsored by Fender


Congrats to
Civet on their Fender endorsement! I was thrilled to be the one to do a quick shoot with the ladies and their new guitars for promotional materials. The guitars are beautiful, and we were all a little bit sad that this would be our last shoot together at the Hollywood Tower.

I’m having mixed emotions about moving back to the East coast. I’ll be close to my family again (which is awesome), but I’ll be leaving behind a lot of great friends. At least a huge percentage of my friends are in the music business and I’ll be able to visit with them at shows in DC and Baltimore.

Danni, also pictured above without instruments is an incredible drummer. Any drum companies willing to sponsor her will be glad they did.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Some Baltimore Bathroom Graffiti I Love

It's been a while since the last blog. Not because I don't want to blog, but because I'm living in a house with NO INTERNET... I'm starting to freak out a little bit!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Hollywood, DC: Lights! Camera! Election!" exhibit at WORLD OF WONDER

Batmobama and Robiden by Paul Richmond

Snow White Palin and Dopey McCain by Richard J Frost

Farrah Palin by Jamie Boling

Condoleessa Rice by Jason Mecier (literally made of rice)

Reagansaurus by Richard J Frost

The artwork above is part of "Hollywood, DC: Lights! Camera! Election!" exhibit on display through election day at WORLD OF WONDER Storefront Gallery located at 6650 Hollywood Blvd (at Cherokee), Hollywood.

The exhibit features the political artwork of more than 40 artists. Most of the pieces make you laugh out loud. All of the work is great. The ones above were favorites of mine. I'll be spending election night at this gallery watching the results and hoping for the best! This party is open to anyone wearing an I VOTED sticker. The party will be going until the vodka runs out or the results are in.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Flogging Molly, Anti Flag, The Briggs, and Jackson United at the Hollywood Palladium





Flogging Molly, Anti Flag, The Briggs, and Jackson United totally rocked the newly remodeled Hollywood Palladium on this last night of their most recent tour. It was awesome to hang out with so many great friends and to see four incredible bands perform in one night. The place was packed, the bands were amazing, & everyone in the audience and the bands obviously had a blast.