Saturday, June 20, 2009


I'm not kidding when I say that The Aggrolites are one of my favorite bands of all time. I will never fight my way to the front of the stage or dance at any shows, but that's what I'm doing when these guys play. The music is always incredible, the band puts on a great show, and the energy in the room is high.

DC9 was probably the smallest venue I've ever seen them play, but have to say that the venue is awesome. The drinks are strong, the bartender is friendly, the food is good, they play great music at the bar, and they OBVIOUSLY bring in some amazing bands!

The Casualties

Although The Ottobar is an great venue where one can see many amazing bands, I've decided as a photographer who shoots only with available lighting, that it's a awful place to shoot a live performance.


The Casualties, a band I have known and loved for a long, long time, are back out on the road and played their first show in a while in Baltimore. As always, they kicked ass. They are out on the road through July 4th. Check to see if they're coming through your town! Their new album, WE ARE ALL WE HAVE, is due out August 25th on SideOneDummy.

I just wish I had some pictures that were as great as their performance, but the dark red lighting just wouldn't allow it.

X at Ram's Head Live

Steve Soto and the Twisted Hearts

If you are familiar with Steve Soto, you've probably heard the buzz about his solo project Steve Soto and the Twisted Hearts. The buzz is true. They ARE awesome! Steve has lined up an incredibly talented bunch of musicians for this project and they've already put out 2 CDs. This is their first tour - and John Doe of X personally requested that they support them.

I caught their shows at the 9:30 in DC (where, by-the-way, we discovered they have the best cupcakes in the world) and The Ram's Head in Baltimore. Both shows were great. Be sure to check them out!