Friday, January 23, 2009

Jazz Night at Music Cafe

The Music Cafe in Damascus regularly features Jazz nights on weekdays. This week featured Karla Chisholm on vocals, Wardell Howell on bass, Raice McLeod on drums, and Benji Porecki on keys. This was the first time the 4 performed together as a band, but you never would have known it. Every song was flawless. These musicians are all so incredibly talented. If you ever have a chance to see any of them perform do yourself a favor and check them out.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Demand In DC

The Demand in DC event at The Black Cat was awesome! The bands were great and the artwork was amazing. I was excited that my roommate from Hollywood was in town and able to meet up for the show, and even more excited that people liked my photography enough to take it home!

Mike Ski, the lead vocalist of The AKAs, coordinated getting all of the artwork there and displaying it. He did an amazing job. And not only does he create music, he is also a visual artist (shown below)!

The energy in DC on Inauguration night was positive, the place was packed, and everyone had a great time.

If you are one of these artists and have a website please let me know and I'll link it!

Left to Right: "B-You2" by Brett Rubin, untitled photos by Erin Williams (yours truly!), and "Brained in DC" by HorseBites

"Women's Sufferage Study 1 and 2," by Mike Ski

"Last Kiss," by David S Holloway

"Chez Klink," by Alison Williams

"Black Cat... Black Cat! How 'bout some change for the homeless?!"

Anyone who has been to the Black Cat in DC as seen the unofficial doorman of the club. He holds the door open and says “Black Cat… Black Cat! How ‘bout some change for the homeless?!” I’ve always given change to this guy and have always been curious about him.

I was waiting for my Hollywood roommate to arrive at the show, so I opted to hang out in Food For Thought and enjoy some Vegan Nachos while I waited. I ordered my nachos, took a seat, and in walked the man I’ve always wanted to talk to. I asked him to join me and we talked for at least an hour.

His name is Bill. He told me about his over 30 year battle with his addiction to crack and alcoholism, and says that he is now living in a retirement home in Hyattsville and comes down to the club to “experience life a little bit.” He swears that being around the young people keeps him young. He doesn’t like how “full of death” the retirement home is. The club provided a meal to him for free, as they do every time he comes in. He then headed back outside to collect enough money at the door to catch a taxi back to his home. He laughed as he told me he needs to get by midnight – or they’d give him some grief. I'm not so sure that he lives in a retirement home because he wasn't wearing proper shoes. I think it's probably a shelter. But there is no doubt that he is an incredibly interesting and intelligent man, and a sweetheart of a guy.

He is just as excited about our new President as I am and is hopeful that there will be change in the world. Bill was so interesting that I missed United Nations’ set – which I really wanted to catch. When I asked if I could photograph him he got a little shy and said he “didn’t know why anyone would want to photograph him.” I think he was probably one of the most interesting people in that whole place and am grateful he allowed me to capture his personality to share. He even broke out his black cat Pez dispenser – which he carries for luck – and thinks actually looks more like a panther.

So the next time you’re there say HI to Bill… and how about some change for this sweet man who just wants to stay young and enjoy life?!

Music Cafe "gingerbread house decorating night"

From Dec 18, 2008

The coolest place in Damascus – The Music Café – hosted a Gingerbread House decorating night. Seriously. This event was SO cool for the kids. Other places should copy this idea.

The Music Café charged $18 per house and provided a complete kit to construct the house and the icing and candy to decorate it.

There was a Santa who visited and was amazing with the kids, but needed to stick to being jolly and stop telling me how to take photos. His payback was my favorite kid who GRILLED him with questions such as “…so where’s your sleigh?!,.” “… if you didn’t bring it, how did you get here?!,” and “HOW do you watch us all the time to see if we’re naughty or nice?!” That girl rules.

"Train Days" at DVFD Activities Hall

From Dec 14, 2008

Train Days was a cool little event held in Damascus. I went because a friend’s son and father had a train on display. The people who organized this event went all out. The decorations were cute, the train displays were impressive, there was free food, talented entertainment, and the fire department gave away about 10 bikes to the kids.

It's also the perfect way for me to show in photos the stark contrast between my life in Hollywood and my life in Damascus. I must point out that this Elvis impersonator is really good. Unfortunately “Frosty” was the only one dancing.


It's true. SLAYER rules! The name should be shouted and written as much as possible. But, c'mon, duder... PLEASE check your spelling before making your mark!

Ringing in the new year in NYC

I rang in the new year in NYC with some lovely friends. One I have known for years, and the other I met recently while living in Hollywood. Despite the freeing cold we had a blast. These are some of the sites I found beautiful.

NYC Graffiti

I found this beauty on the bathroom wall at Kate's Joint in NYC.

Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm an Auntie!

Congrats Cara and Dameon! We're all very excited to have Aleister around! : )