Saturday, April 11, 2009

In-Home Child Portraits

Why, YES! I do take photos of children! I tested it out years ago with a musician friend's kids and realized I actually enjoy it.

I was at a Happy Hour a while back and one guy mentioned how he and his wife really don't like going to the typical mall photo studios. I said that I'd be willing to take my photo studio equipment to their house and take photos of the kids. We set up an appointment and here are some of the results.

The home setting is much comfortable for the kids. We were able to do "wardrobe changes" and take breaks whenever necessary. Another cool thing about the home setting was being able to use props that have special meaning to the family. These kids posed on the fire engine originally built for their dad by his father, with bears that were hand-crafted from grandma's fur coat that no one was interested in acquiring as a hand-me-down, and with their guinea pigs.

I have home appointments set up over the next 2 weeks and will be happy to schedule more in the MD/DC/VA areas. And if your babies are your animals... I do that, too!