Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stillhouse Promos Shoot


This Stillhouse shoot will go down in history as one of my favorite promo shoots ever. We met up at Wilcom’s Inn, a very small bar in the middle of nowhere that opens at 6am and was at one time the bar attached 75 and 80 Drag-A-Way. The Drag-A-Way used to be quite the happening place where many people we all knew used to race cars years ago, but is now overgrown with weeds.

We had at least 4 beers each and I was shooting the whole time. A woman named “Sweetie” who had been there and drinking since 6:30am with her Chihuahua kept us highly entertained with her dirty jokes. It all started when one of the guys jokingly said “Be sure to get my good side!” and she yelled “Bend over, honey!’

We snuck into the old drag race and snapped some shots then, of course, headed back to the bar to “warm up.” After a few more beers I was shooting the guys at the table and Sweetie jumped up and flashed her goods for a shot. It was amazing. In order to keep this blog PG-13 I regretfully can’t post that one, but it is posted on the band’s MySpace.

We then headed over to the rehearsal spot where Clutch’s old touring RV is permanently parked. (Clutch is a ridiculously amazing band, in case you were not aware) The guys played and I snapped some shots. It started snowing while we were at the Drag-A-Way earlier and we were quickly freezing our butts off, so rehearsal didn’t last long. I had the honor of being the first girl in the place and had a great day drinking with friends and taking photos.

Be sure to check out Stillhouse. They're all very talented musicians. The line-up includes old members of Nothingface and 60 Watt Shaman. They play in Baltimore often at places such as Ram’s Head Live. I can’t wait to see them live – outside of the rehearsal spot.

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