Saturday, December 20, 2008

Civet with Aiden at Sonar & Liza and Danni's Tattoo Work


I was thrilled to find out that my friends, Civet, were playing at Sonar in Baltimore right after I got back to Maryland. They’re out on a couple week tour with Aiden and God or Julie.

The ladies, as always, kicked ass. It was great to see them so soon. If you missed them this time, be sure to catch their next US tour in early 2009 with Dropkick Murphys and H2O. That will be a show to surely not miss!

The ladies got tour tattoos. Then Liza and Danni got to try their hand at GIVING tattoos to some of the guys at HandMade Tattoo Parlor in Manassas, VA. They are pictured with their work above.

And what's an East coast show without a fight?! We saw one. I'm home!

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