Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Hollywood, DC: Lights! Camera! Election!" exhibit at WORLD OF WONDER

Batmobama and Robiden by Paul Richmond

Snow White Palin and Dopey McCain by Richard J Frost

Farrah Palin by Jamie Boling

Condoleessa Rice by Jason Mecier (literally made of rice)

Reagansaurus by Richard J Frost

The artwork above is part of "Hollywood, DC: Lights! Camera! Election!" exhibit on display through election day at WORLD OF WONDER Storefront Gallery located at 6650 Hollywood Blvd (at Cherokee), Hollywood.

The exhibit features the political artwork of more than 40 artists. Most of the pieces make you laugh out loud. All of the work is great. The ones above were favorites of mine. I'll be spending election night at this gallery watching the results and hoping for the best! This party is open to anyone wearing an I VOTED sticker. The party will be going until the vodka runs out or the results are in.


kubrickspick said...

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