Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lady Gaga

Update (Sept 17) 
I'm excited to say that Pollstar DID use one of the photos! http://pollstar.com/blogs/photos/archive__/2010/09/17/photo1009140157276229733.aspx?SortType=2&ID=740196&SearchBy=&StartWith=False

My apologies for the delay.  The photo agreement was very strict and the photos can only appear in the pre-approved publications, so, staying true to my word, I wasn't able to post them on my own as I usually do.  I can't yet afford the $10,000 lens I want for the mega-star, across-the-entire-arena shoots, so Pollstar already had a few shots posted that are pretty similar to the ones I was able to capture with my average-sized zoom lens.

Upon finding out that we'd be waiting behind-the-scenes for songs 9 and 10 (which is quite unusual), a fellow photographer/writer (who was also approved to shoot) decided that it was more important for him to watch the entire show so he could do a proper show review.  I shared some shots with his paper, so there actually IS a photo out there that I can link to here on the blog (HOORAY!):